Remco Verheijen

Remco is a management consultant and entrepreneur. He helps organizations improve their business results by revealing powerful new and surprising insights. He primarily works for clients in retail & wholesale, and professional services. In 2002 he founded X-Equipment, a small consulting firm with typical Rotterdam no-nonsense mentality and specialized in tailor-made Business Intelligence. In his work, Remco is best known for his strong analytical skills, fresh ideas, pragmatic approach and problem solving abilities. As a semi-professional racing driver he shows that he is willing to go to the extreme to get the maximum result possible with minimum risks.

Remco has over 12 year experience in helping organizations make better decisions based on trustworthy, timely information, adding true business value.

He has helped one of the leading Dutch telecom providers implementing a Customer Lifetime Value model, providing an integral client image. This made fact based marketing possible, which almost directly resulted in a significant increase of the customer profitability.

For a development bank he executed an important compliance project, ensuring its data warehouse meets regulatory requirements. This was part of the criteria to comply with in order to be able to apply for a bank license, which the organization needed to secure their business continuity.

The Dutch market leader in garden center retail he coordinated with establishing a Competence Center, incorporating Business Intelligence as an integral part of the company, making it possible to identify correlations between customer profiles, product purchases, store visits and marketing campaigns. As a result the organization was able to sustain its competitive advantage and improve its store performance.

For a leading global business media company he successfully managed the move to cloud-based Business Intelligence, reducing the time required to gather, analyze and distribute focused industry news, forecasts of market trends, business reports, and purchasing information.

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